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本文摘要:一、careful的搭配与用法 1. 后接介词 of 或 about, 表现“当心”“注意”等。

一、careful的搭配与用法 1. 后接介词 of 或 about, 表现“当心”“注意”等。如:    Be careful of the traffic.注意交通宁静。


I think you should be careful about talking of the rebels as heroes...我以为你说话应该小心,不能把叛逆分子当英雄。It is important, I think, for everyone to be careful about claiming victory. 我想,每小我私家宣布胜利时都应该慎重。Be careful about fire!小心火烛。

Be careful of the instruments.注意别损坏仪器。Be careful of the dog; it sometimes bites people. 当心那条狗,它有时候咬人。  You must be careful of [about] your pronunciation. 你要注意你的发音。

be careful 后一般不接介词 for。如:  我希望你要多注意身体。

  正:I hope you’ll be more careful of [about] your health.  误:I hope you’ll be more careful for your health.  2. 表现做某事时要小心或仔细,其后通常接 in doing sth。如:  Be careful in crossing the street. 过马路时小心。  You cannot be too careful in driving a car. 开车时再怎么小心也不为过。  One cannot be too careful in guarding Party and state secrets. 守旧党和国家的秘密,慎之又慎。

如果后接名词,则通常用介词with。如:  Please be careful with my glasses (= Don't break them) .请当心别打碎我的眼镜。It would force industries to be more careful with natural resources. 这将迫使企业越发节约资源。

The waiter was being very careful with the soap so as not to spill it.服务生拿汤的时候很小心,怕把汤泼出来。Be very careful with this stuff, it can be dangerous if it isn't handled properly 这工具一定要小心,稍不注意的话就会有危险。

You will have to make a special effort to train your child to be careful with her pocket-money 你得格外注意造就孩子的节俭意识,零花钱要省着花。I have to be more careful with the work tops, as wood marks easily. 我必须格外小心使用操作台,因为木头容易留下污迹。

Do be careful with that vase! 务必小心谁人花瓶!  You have to be careful with people you don’t know. 对不认识的人恰当心。Be careful with money. 花钱一个钱打二十四个结;不乱花钱。You should be more carful with your money.你应该越发不要乱花钱。

这个词接money时一般用with,常考考点。3. 后接不定式,表现注意要做某事。如:  Be careful not to drop it. 小心不要把它掉了。

  Be careful not to slip. 小心,别滑倒了。She kissed me, careful not to smudge me with her fresh lipstick 她小心翼翼地吻了我,以免把刚刚抹上的口红弄到我脸上。He was always careful to avoid embarrassment. 他总是小心审慎地制止尴尬。

You must be careful to avoid being caught. 你必须小心,不要被抓住。  He was careful to keep out of sight.他小心翼翼地躲开别人的视线。Be careful not to wake the baby.注意别吵醒了宝宝。We had to be very careful not to be seen 我们得小心翼翼,不能被发现。

注意该用法与后接in doing sth的区别。比力:  He’s careful to read every sentence. 他注意读(即不漏读)每一个句子。

  He’s careful in reading every sentence. 他读每个句子都很仔细。  4. 其后可接从句作宾语。如: Be careful you don'。



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